Picturae Presents Herbarium Digistreet at Linnean Society of London

28 January 2015 706

The Systematics Association and The Linnean Society of London jointly organise the day meeting ‘Systematics & Botanical Illustration’. During this meeting Picturae’s Jeroen Bloothoofd will give a presentation about the herbarium digistreet Picturae developed for Naturalis Biodiversity Center in The Neterhlands. The meeting will take place tomorrow, Thursday 29th January 2015.



Herbarium Digistreet


The meeting ‘Systematics & Botanical Illustration’ brings together a number of scientists with a broad range of contemporary research interests to discuss the inter-disciplinary relationships between monography, floristics, conservation, biogeography and botanical illustrations. The meeting is held during the month in which - Rosemary Wise - celebrates her 50th year as a working botanical artist and the diverse range of speakers have been chosen to reflect this anniversary. Presentations will be held by Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew), Oxford Plant Sciences, Institute of Systematic Biology (Zurich), Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh), The Eden Project and Picturae.



During the presentation Picturae’s Jeroen Bloothoofd will talk about the digitization set Picturae has developed especially for Naturalis. The digitization set is based on a conveyor belt that makes the work process as efficient as possible and digitizes the Herbarium sheets at high speed. More than 40,000 Herbarium sheets per day could be digitized. This efficient working method was possible because the combination of the conveyor belt and innovative software allow not just a rapid digitisation but, more importantly, guarantee a high quality as well. The software ensures that the digitized Herbarium sheets are automatically provided with color profiles and are checked for sharpness. If these aspects are correct, the image is automatically cropping and stored and then it is ready for use.


You can find more information about the meeting ‘Systematics & Botanical Illustration’ on the website of The Linnean Society of London.