Research Shows that Heritage Makes You Happy

08 December 2014 741

English Heritage has prepared the thirteenth annual survey of England’s historic environment on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum: Heritage Counts 2014. The year the theme of the report focused on the value of heritage. Key findings show that heritage has a positive impact on the people’s wellbeing and sense of place.


Heritage Counts 2014


The research shows that visiting heritage sites and egngaging with heritage project can enable people to connect with each other and form new friendships and networks, leading to increased social capital in the community. Key findings include:


  • 92% of heritage volunteers meet new people through their involvement with heritage projects
  • 95% of respondents with historic environment projects in their locality agreed the project areas became a good place to engage in social activities
  • Adults who live in areas of higher concentrations of historic environment are also likely to have a stronger sense of place
  • Seven out of ten UK adults believe that heritage sites are important to the local community


Personal development

In the full report you can find a few statements about the value and impact of heritage and the historic environment. Below you can find some statements that show how heritage can help individual:


  • Interaction with the local historic environment helps young people develop important general skills
  • Historic environment construction skills are critical to maintain our special places
  • Involvement in heritage project can improve people's sense of worth and self esteem
  • Heritage volunteering can improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Visiting heritage sites has a significant impact on wellbeing and life satisfaction
Heritage Counts 2014



Heritage not only boost a person’s individual development, but also reflects on the environment. Below you can find some statement from the report:


  • People who live in areas with greater historic environment are likely to have stronger sense of place
  • Heritage develops connections between people and groups in local areas
  • Heritage is critical to the ongoing success of tourism as an export industry
  • Heritage attractions boost local economies
  • Investment in the historic environment raises pride in areas and encourages social interaction


You can read a summary or the full report on the website of English Heritage.