Cast Your Vote for Europeana Members' Council

04 November 2014 658

It is time to cast your vote for your representatives on the new Europeana Members' Council! As part of the Governance Structure Europeana is electing 25 Members Councilors.


Allez Culture


All candidates eligible for election have submitted their nomination form to Europeana by
29th October. On the website of Europeana you can find profiles for all candidates. A candidate may withdraw their nomination at any time, including once voting has opened.


Voting Procedure

In 2014 people can vote between Friday 31st October and Friday 7th November. A vote will be valid if it cast by a registered Member of the Network. Each Member will be eligible to vote once, with the possibility to vote for up to three separate. The result of all counted and valid votes received by the closing date will elect 25 Councillors. The top 25 Candidates who receive the most votes will be elected. The results of the election will be shared within two weeks of the closing date of the


Source: Europeana