Picturae Started Digitizing in the US

27 October 2014 650

Picturae has started digitizing for The Smithsonian Institution in the United States. Picturae will digitize approximately 590,000 objects for the world's largest museum and research complex. Picturae is very proud to add the Smithsonian to its customer list. Picturae will perform the project on location in the United States at the Smithsonian Institution.


Digitizing method

Picturae has developed a digitization set especially for the Smithsonian based on a conveyor belt that makes the work process as efficient as possible and digitizes the objects at high speed. Picturae developed a similar method for digitizing herbarium sheets for Naturalis Biodiversity Center. For this project more than 40,000 Herbarium sheets per day could be digitized. The efficient working method is made possible due to the combination of the conveyor belt and innovative software allowing not just rapid digitization but, more importantly, guaranteeing high quality as well.



The Smithsonian's Digitization Program Office published a YouTube video: the first run of the Picturae Digitization Conveyor system at the National Museum of American History's National Numismatic Collection department where almost 260,000 historic currency proof sheets will be digitized in the less the 4 months. Below you can find a video of the digitization conveyor system.


You can read more information about the project in our article ‘The Smithsonian and Picturae Signed Contract.’