Picturae Present at ICCA

15 October 2014 747

Picturae’s Memorix Archives specialist Pieter Woltjer is present during the 2nd Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives (ICCA), which will be held from 13 to 15 October in the Girona Conference Centre in Spain.


Memorix Archives

International Congress and Convention Association

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) represents the main specialists in organising, transporting and accommodating international meetings and events, and comprises almost 1,000 member companies and organisations in over 90 countries worldwide. ICCA specialises in the international association meetings sector, offering unrivalled data, communication channels, and business development opportunities.


ICCA 2014

Girona City Council, through its Municipal Archive, is hosting and organizing the 2nd Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives, as approved by the General Assembly of the International Council on Archives, which met on the 24th of August 2012 in the Australian city of Brisbane. This event will coincide with the celebration of the 9th European Conference on Archives (ECA), organized every four years by the European Branch of the International Council on Archives (EURBICA). Also taking place at the same time is the 13th Image and Research Seminar, organized biennially by the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) of Girona City Council in conjunction with the Archivists Association of Catalonia (AAC), which will mainly focus on photographic and audiovisual documents.


All three events are grouped under a common title: Archives and Cultural Industries, in order to foster debate on a key issue for archives: the potential for the documentation that has been conserved in them to be a resource provider for the creation and consumption of culture among the population.


Memorix Archives

Memorix Archives

In order to address the needs and desires of the archives themselves, we have determined the functions of the new package together with them. Picturae has created a system with a very broad range of functionalities, without being complex. It is a user-friendly application to be used both for archival description as well as for the description of individual items. This means that there is room for the history of the archive as well as the content description of the collection. In addition, the new package offers the ability to import or compile thesauri, and offers archives full support for storage management. In developing the new package archives, we have been strongly guided by standards such ISDIAH, ISAAR (CPF), ISAD (G), Dublin Core, METS, SKOS and variousexchangestandards such as OAI-PMH, SRU and Open Search. The system is built on modern Open Source software, is completely web based and can be used in a private environment.



Curious about the new user-friendly, web-based records management system Memorix Archives? You can try the demo for free! You should navigate tot the demo website with the following link. In the top right corner you can click on User and a dropdown-menu will appear. In this menu you click on Log In. You will be directed to a page where you can log in. On this page you can fill in 'demo' in the fields Tenant Code, Username and Password, when you've done this you can click on Log in. The demo will be refreshed each hour, this means you will be logged out and the system will be reset.


You shouldn't wait any longer and try the demo Memorix Archives right away! For more information you can also read our product page.


The 2nd Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives (ICCA) will be held from 13 to 15 October in the Girona Conference Centre in Spain.