Proposal for the Time Machine FET Flagship consortium continues to second round

15 June 2018 1164

Our proposal for the Time Machine FET Flagship consortium may continue to the second round! Picturae is proud to be part of this program as a founding member.



The Time Machine FET Flagship program brings together research teams from all over Europe with a participation of about 200 institutions. The goal of this consortium is to develop new technologies for the scanning, analyzing, accessing, preserving and communicating of cultural heritage at a massive scale. Data extracted from this digital patrimony are the basis for the reconstruction of the historical evolution of European cities and the manifold relationships between these cultural nodes.


An example is the Human Brain Project (HBP) that started in 2013. FET Flagships are expected to run for about 10 years. The budget for such a project is 1 billion euros for 10 years.


About the Time Machine FET Flagship:

‘The Time Machine FET Flagship builds a Large Scale Simulator mapping 2000 years of European History, transforming kilometres of archives and large collections from museums into a digital information system. These Big Data of the Past are common resources for the future that will have a huge cultural, economical and societal impact. Researchers from all over the world are now joining forces to bring the past back in one of the most ambitious project ever on European culture and identity.’ The project has a large European coverage with already 173 partners in 32 countries.


In the autumn it will be announced who will be joining the Time Machine FET Flagship consortium. Very exciting!


Check out the Time Machine Project website for more information.