Presentation is a craft in itself. Once your collection has been documented and is safely store in databases, you will want a platform to display the splendour of your collection and share its valuable information with the largest possible audience. We have many years of experience in designing and building websites. Particularly for the benefit of and in collaboration with the cultural heritage sector, we have developed online applications and formats to manage and provide access to digital collections.

Apart from this, it is important to house your original collection in a safe place. With our sustainable, safe, and reliable storage and hosting solutions, your collections are in good hands.


Maximizing the benefit of your digital collection is our passion and expertise

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Button to Collection management

Managing a collection is a delicate job. Specifically for the cultural heritage sector, we have developed Memorix, an accessible and professional digital asset management (DAM) system that will enable you to manage your digital collection.

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Button to Website

A website can be an excellent tool to maximize the benefit of your digital collection. Picturae offers various solutions to display your digital collection(s) online.

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Button to Heritage Helpers

Heritage network 3.0 facilitates making collections of local history circles, museums and libraries accessible to the general public. This platform was originally developed for the Dutch market and has already proven its success abroad. Many hands make light work!

Collection management

Everything in the right place, neatly organized, just the way it should be


For the management of your digital collection, Picturae has developed a special software infrastructure: Memorix Maior. Our package is the result of cooperation and knowledge gained over the past twenty years of operating in the heritage sector. Our software is continually updated and improved to guarantee that we provide the sector with the latest software options. Memorix Maior is suitable for a wide variety of collections including pictures, posters, films, library and museum collections, and monuments.

Structure and simplicity
Digital collections may contain huge numbers of photos, documents, and films. As a result, these collections are often diverse and complex. Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system ensures that your digital collections are safely stored in one of the best storage systems available today. Memorix Maior allows you to manage and organize your files conveniently. The system's manageable metadata structure makes your digital files easy to search (online). Wherever you have access to the Internet, you have access to your unique digital collections.

Example Memorix Maior

Tailored to your needs
As Memorix is built on open source technology, there are no limitations as to the numbers of users, nor do you need to obtain expensive licences. This allows you to give a group of volunteers access to one or several of your collections. Within the limits of possibility, your applications will be structured to meet your exact needs. In addition, you have access to our customer portal where you can ask all your questions, lodge complaints, suggest ideas, and learn the latest news.


Many archive management systems involve complex programs. They are usually difficult to use or offer too few functionalities. That is why Picturae has developed a user-friendly, web-based archive management system: Memorix Archives!

To anticipate and meet the needs of the market, we developed Memorix Maior in close cooperation with archival institutions. This software was specifically designed to achieve the ambition we all share: to enrich our cultural heritage.

Picturae has provided the system with very broad functionalities, without making it overly complex. This convenient application can be used for archive and item description. Our package reserves space for the history of the archive and the content of the collection. In addition, it offers the option of importing or composing thesauri, and the new archive package offers full support for the repository management.


In the development of the new archive package, we were strongly guided by standards such as ISDIAH, ISAAR (CPF), ISAD (G), Dublin Core, METS, SKOS, and various exchange standards such as OAI-PMH, SRU, and OpenSearch. The system is built on modern Open Source software, is fully web-based and can be used in a private cloud environment. In addition, unlike other packages on the market, we can offer the following functionalities:


Example Archives
  • Multilingual archive description management
  • Search application that can be offered on one's own website
  • API available for far-reaching integration in one's own website or for the development of applications for mobile devices
  • Direct linking of scans with the file management system
  • Integration with the collection management system
  • Direct delivery to Europeana or Archives Portal Europe
  • No per user or per access licence, but a fixed amount per year
  • Integration of scanning on demand
  • Reservation system and visitor registration
E-depot application


Picturae is the first and only supplier in the Netherlands to offer a fully integrated e-depot (e-repository) system. This allows you to control your ingest procedure, preservation of digital archives, metadata management as well as the granting of access. As our solution is fully based on Open Standards (OAIS, METS, [TMLO] ToPX, and EAD), we offer you a solid, reliable, and sustainable solution. Like all of our products, our solution is completely web-based through our dedicated hosting platform. This means that it is not necessary to make high investments in expensive servers and networking facilities.

Building File application

Construction file application

One of the most frequently consulted archival sources are construction file archives. In cooperation with our clients, we have developed an application that provides for the use of construction files by archive and municipality employees as well as citizens. The application enables you to work in complete compliance with copyright and privacy laws. This tool allows public-friendly access to both digitized construction files and those that are only physically available.

OpenSKOS application


OpenSKOS was developed in collaboration with Catch+, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The application is intended for the sustainable and complete management and use of thesauri, taxonomies, and ontologies.

Heritage helpers platform

Heritage helpers is a crowdsourcing website where archives and museums offer their digitized collections to the general public for disclosure. The goal is to make collections searchable in this way and to ensure that they are quickly accessible. Indexing or describing a collection is time-consuming. Heritage Helpers appeals to volunteers who like to work with historical collections. Many hands make light work.


Putting your unique collection(s) online in a professional and accessible manner we know how to do it


Picturae has several solutions for the presentation of collections of heritage institutions to the public. The products below are the basis. The chosen basic functionality is subsequently designed and adjusted to meet the client's needs. This way, we combine maximum freedom with reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Example Webproducts
How we work

How we work

Our clients' needs are paramount. In the design of your website, you are in full control of how your needs will be met. Together with you, we can choose one of two different approaches for your project. The first one is the traditional approach, where everything is planned according to a predefined protocol. The second is an ‘agile’ approach, in which speed and flexibility are of the essence and the client participates in the project. In the latter approach, we will work together as partners to overcome any obstacles and setbacks.

Regardless of the chosen approach, it is never easy to imagine what the website will be like before it is built. Fortunately, the Picturae designers are masters at providing a good impression of the final product at an early stage.

All of our websites are built with Content Management Systems (CMS) that are easy to use and allow you to update the content conveniently. You can update and change even the menus, the copy, and other content yourself. We predominantly develop in Joomla, but other platforms such as Drupal, WordPress or custom CMS are, of course, also possible. In addition, we offer customized CMS training courses.

SSL certificate

Internet security is a hot item: every day, we read about security issues on the Internet and the protection of personal data. How secure your website is depends on a combination of good security of the website itself, responsible use of usernames and passwords by visitors to your website, and a secure connection between your visitors and your website. With our websites, this is guaranteed by means of so-called SSL certificates.

Obtained SSL Certificates
Mediabank application


This is a solution for the searchability and publishing of image collections. The media bank may contain, for instance, photos, maps, books, prints, and slides, as well as film files and audio files. Below is an example of an assignment.

Archive viewer application

Archive viewer

The archive viewer works on the basis of the international standard EAD. The search and display utility enables presentation of the entire archive with its registers including appendices and scans. A good example of this can be found on the websites of:

Genealogy application


In the field of genealogy, Picturae offers a component that allows you to search for ancestors or browse through registers. In a very efficient way, millions of personal data can be found in a split second. See, for example, the website of:

Periodical viewer application

Periodical viewer

If you want to search through millions of newspaper articles in a fraction of a second, the periodical viewer will show you the results highlighting your query fast and conveniently. For an example of the newspaper viewers, please visit the following website.


A few of our successful projects of the past twenty years digitalization and development

Heritage helpers

Many hands make light work, and beautiful digital projects

As indexing or describing a collection can be very time-consuming, Picturae has developed a crowdsourcing platform;
Heritage Helpers (VeleHanden; Many Hands) is a crowdsourcing website where archives and museums offer their digitized collections to the general public for disclosure. The goal is to make collections searchable in this way and to ensure that they are quickly accessible. Heritage Helpers appeals to volunteers who like to work with historical collections. Many hands make light work.

Research has shown that the quality that the crowd delivers on Heritage Helpers is unprecedentedly high. The passion with which volunteers work at Heritage Helpers is big. In addition, we have taken measures in the technical field to monitor quality. In addition, Heritage Helpers is arranged so that one and the same scan is always introduced by two different volunteers and then checked by a third person. If the examiner still has questions about the scan, he will send it to a designated expert of the heritage institution of the project who knows the collection well.

Since the launch of VeleHanden in October 2011, the crowdsourcing website has received much enthusiasm from both heritage institutions and participants. In 2012, VeleHanden won the History Online Prize and was awarded the title Best Historical Website of 2011. In 2015, we hosted the English version of the VeleHanden website: Heritage Helpers, followed a year later, in October 2016, by the Frisian version: Fryske Hannen! It all started with our Dutch platform

Heritage Helpers logo

As all published collections are accessible through a central, responsive website, it is easy for anyone who is interested in the past of your region to search through the collections in a single and unambiguous way. All participants will have their own page on the website.

A server with a collection management system is nothing without content, obviously. We can provide you with content by digitizing your unique collections.


Storage & Hosting

Safe, sustainable and reliable your collections are in good hands

Webstorage service Picturae


Picturae's web storage offers the perfect solution for the storage of files, images, and documents that need to be available within a split second through applications such as websites, image banks, and databases. Just like our sustainable storage, Picturae's web storage is extremely secure as a result of constant replication of the files to a second, geographically separate location, to guarantee safety even in the unlikely event of an incident in the first location.

Hosting services Picturae


Our infrastructure is very robust. Visitors to our websites, image banks or other products are automatically assigned to the (web) servers that are processing the least traffic at the time. This load balancing optimizes the performance of your connection and the service to you clients. At the official opening of the Picturae image bank that we created for World Press Photo, we were able to handle millions of connections per hour.




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