The Holy Grail: a super herbarium of 1,5 billion specimens

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The newspaper De Tijd published an article about one of our clients. Over the next four years, the Meise Botanical Garden in Belgium will contribute to DiSSCo, a European research initiative that endeavors to gather all natural history collections in one online database. This virtual collection will contain 1.5 billion plants, animals, fossils, stones, and minerals - some of which are 4.5 billion years old!

The purpose of DiSSCo is not only to unlock all collections, but also to make research that once seemed impossible, possible.

From prepping the collections, both large and small, to digitizing them, this project is special because of the delicate quality of specimen materials. Last but not least, standardization of the metadata from each of the European collections will be the most critical step, so that we can uniformly connect the information contributed by the different collections. 

As you might know, Picturae is proud to be actively involved in this DiSSCo project. And we love sharing our knowledge with you! Contact us: contact@picturae.com 

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